Industry enterprise-level suite of tools and curated data installed in-house

The Enterprise Edition is the highest-level solution for the integration of deeply curated public and private transcriptomic data. The solution can be installed on dedicated servers in our data center or on-premise. Our API and extensive command-line features allow a full integration into your existing bio-IT infrastructure and seamless data analysis with R or other tools.

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  1. Dedicated installation of the GENEVESTIGATOR® platform (in-house or hosted)
  2. World’s largest collection of deeply curated transcriptomic data
  3. Unlimited number of queries
  4. Export figure images and underlying data
  5. Share your workspace with peers
  6. Export API for command-line export
  7. R wrapper
  8. Custom tools and features

How to get access

Please contact us at for a presentation or to get a quote for access to bulk tissue and single-cell deeply curated compendia.