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The world's curated expression data at your fingertips

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  • Explore public expression data to find supporting evidence for your findings or hypotheses
  • Study gene function by finding out where, when and in response to what they are expressed
  • Learn more from your experiments by integrating and comparing them with public datasets
  • Discover and prioritize your biomarkers and targets against thousands of conditions
How to get access
Some tools are freely accessible, while
others require a commercial license.

Application areas

High quality content

  • Manual curation by PhD-level field experts with several years of lab experience
  • Use of controlled vocabularies to describe patient and sample properties
  • Strict and systematic quality control to eliminate low quality samples
  • Complete re-annotation of all experiment and sample descriptions

Powerful tools with nice graphical visualizations

  • Sophisticated data mining technologies for instant analysis of thousands of studies
  • Powerful compendium-wide analytics with robust statistics
  • Elegant and informative graphical visualizations
  • Workflows designed by biologists for biologists

Can be integrated into your bio-IT environment

  • Usability: user-friendly tools for wide applicability within your organization
  • Aggregability: integrate your proprietary data with curated public data
  • Consistency: use of controlled vocabularies for meta-data annotation
  • Interoperability: well-defined and stable data export/import formats
  • Portability: server-client architecture for intranet-wide usage
  • Security: our search engine is installed within your firewall
  • Topicality: regular updates of newly curated datasets

Tools every scientist deserves

Samples tool
Probably the world's most detailed body atlas -
Visualize the expression of genes across more
than 300 different tissues and cell types.
Gene Search Perturbations tool
Instantly compare thousands of conditions -
Effectively find targets and biomarkers highly
specific for your condition of interest.
Gene Search Perturbations tool
Extremely fast and flexible co-expression tool -
Easily choose any set of relevant conditions
and find co-expressed genes on-the-fly.
Gene Search Perturbations tool
Differential expression analysis made easy -
Choose any experiment, define two groups
and instantly find differentially regulated genes.

Example studies


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27 March 2015. Release of the new Orthologs Search tool. More...