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The world's curated expression data at your fingertips

  • Characterize genes by finding out where, when and in response to what they are expressed
  • Learn more from your experiments by integrating and comparing them with public datasets
  • Explore expertly curated experiments to find supporting evidence for your hypotheses
  • Discover and prioritize your biomarkers and targets against thousands of conditions

Application areas


Some tools are freely accessible while
others require a commercial license.
curated datasets
registered users
  • Many of the Galapagos researchers use GENEVESTIGATOR in everyday research to come to insights and hypotheses in disease and drug biology. The powerful API functionalities in the Enterprise edition allowed us to integrate both internal and public expression data with other datatypes and knowledge.
  • The ease of use of GENEVESTIGATOR, the quick and thorough response of its support and development team, and the power of the analyses it provides have made it an essential tool in my bioinformatics tool box.
  • GENEVESTIGATOR is a smart and extremely helpful software. It is to some extent addictive. We mentioned it in each paper focused on expression data analysis or convergent genomics.
  • As a bioinformatics service facility that always tries to identify novel and innovative bioinformatics software that might be beneficial for VIB researchers, we are very satisfied to have licensed GENEVESTIGATOR.
  • Nice work! The new interface is spectacular. GENEVESTIGATOR allows me to find candidate genes which can be fed elsewhere to build a biological hypothesis.

Gene Search Perturbations tool

Professionally curated content

  • All experiments are curated by PhD-level experts with several years of research experience
  • Strict quality assessment to eliminate low quality samples and poorly designed studies
  • Use of controlled vocabularies to describe patient and sample properties
  • Extensive annotation of all experiment and sample descriptions

Gene Search Perturbations tool

Tools every scientist deserves

  • Powerful compendium-wide analytics with robust statistics
  • Easy tools for instant analysis of thousands of studies
  • Elegant and informative graphical visualizations
  • Workflows designed by biologists for biologists
Anatomy tool
Probably the world's most detailed body atlas -
Visualize the expression of genes across more
than 700 different tissues and cell types.
Gene Search Perturbations tool
Instantly screen through thousands of conditions -
Effectively find targets and biomarkers highly
specific for your condition of interest.
Co-Expression tool
Extremely fast and flexible co-expression tool -
Easily choose any set of relevant conditions
and find co-expressed genes on-the-fly.

Key Benefits

Taking your research to the next level

  • Improved interpretation of your results by bringing them into context
  • More effective drug discovery thanks to more informed decisions
  • Save time and money on integrating curated public data
  • Better translation into clinical applications

Integrate into your bio-IT

Effective integration of curated public studies

  • Usability: user-friendly tools for wide applicability within your organization
  • Aggregability: integrate your proprietary data with curated public data
  • Interoperability: well-defined and stable data export/import formats
  • Security: our search engine is installed within your firewall

Example studies