66,000 registered users from over 1,000 institutions

3,500 scientific citations in peer-reviewed journals


"The ease of use of GENEVESTIGATOR, the quick and thorough response of its support and development team, and the power of the analyses it provides have made it an essential tool in my bioinformatics tool box."

Dr. Kirk DeLisle
ArrayBio Pharma Inc.

"GENEVESTIGATOR is a smart and extremely helpful software. It is to some extent addictive. We started to use it two years ago and we mentioned it in each paper focused on expression data analysis or convergent genomics."

Dr. Olga Vasieva
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

"As a bioinformatics service facility that always tries to identify novel and innovative bioinformatics software that might be beneficial for VIB researchers, we are very satisfied to have licensed GENEVESTIGATOR. Its easy-to-use, intuitive interface allows our molecular biologists, whether they work on plant systems biology, complex human genetics or other model organisms, to quickly find out where, how and when their favorite genes of interest are expressed, without having to perform complex bioinformatics analyses. As such, it provides a useful starting point to guide their wet lab research or, complementarily, to confirm their experimental results. Moreover, GENEVESTIGATOR can be launched from within every browser, providing ultimate flexibility to our scientists. The GENEVESTIGATOR team also generously supported some of our scientists with their customized data integration requests. Taken all these advantages into account, we are definitely convinced that GENEVESTIGATOR is 'here to stay' for many years to come at VIB."

Wouter Van Gool
Bioinformatics Training & Service Facility, VIB, Belgium

"The major strength of GENEVESTIGATOR is the ability to analyze big sets of genes simultaneously. Also, I have been very satisfied by the last update of GENEVESTIGATOR which made it much more user-friendly."

Dr. Fabian Schweizer
University of Lausanne, Switzerland