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gene expression tool in plant biology

with over 3,000 citations in peer-reviewed journals.


GENEVESTIGATOR is a high performance search engine for gene expression. It integrates thousands of manually curated, well described public microarray and RNA-Seq experiments and nicely visualizes gene expression across different biological contexts such as tissues, diseases, nutrients, chemicals, or genotypes. The high diversity of curated experiments allows GENEVESTIGATOR to project your genes or your data against a broad spectrum of reference profiles and datasets.

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Four basic analysis approaches are available:

1) analyze an individual EXPERIMENT to find significant genes or samples,

2) identify which CONDITIONS affect the expression of a gene of interest,

3) identify which GENES are specifically expressed in a chosen condition, and

4) find SIMILARITIES of expression between genes or between regulating conditions.

Based on these approaches, GENEVESTIGATOR covers a wide range of application areas:

Study gene function

Easily find which biological contexts regulate a gene of interest, i.e. how strongly it is expressed in different organs and tissues, external or internal perturbations (diseases, chemicals, nutrients, etc.), or genotypes. Gene function is also understood by identifying other genes having similar regulation or at which stage of development a gene is expressed.

Interpret your results

Bring your results into the context of thousands of other experiments
  • Find other experiments having a similar set of results
  • Cluster genes by their expression in various contexts (tissues, diseases, chemicals, genotypes, etc.)

Better plan your experiments

Checking the expression of your genes of interest in a wide variety of contexts leads to ideas for designing new experiments and supports informed decisions.

Connect genes with conditions and phenotypes

GENEVESTIGATOR covers a very broad spectrum of experimental conditions.
  • Identify conditions affecting the expression of your gene of interest
  • Find tissues in which a gene is highly expressed


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