The Problem

Many laboratories running RNA-seq experiments have difficulties analyzing and interpreting their data. Their biologists often find themselves confronted with command-line or complicated analysis tools, or rely on external help. Additionally, storing experiments and making them easily accessible to the team is often a complex and expensive challenge. All of this can significantly delay your research and the publication of your results.

Our Solution

With our data integration services, we empower you as a biologist to easily prepare, store, analyze and interpret your own RNA-seq data in a secure environment with private access to your experiment. Simply send us your raw files (FASTQ) and our professional curators will annotate, quality control and integrate them into GENEVESTIGATOR. Your login gives you exclusive and secure online access to your experiment and to all curated public studies. Additionally, user-friendly tools for data analysis and interpretation help you get the maximum out of your experiment.
For example, start with your own experiment to find differentially expressed genes between two chosen conditions. Then, interpret your gene lists by checking in which tissues, conditions, genotypes, pathways or biological processes they are regulated. And finally, look beyond your own experiment and take advantage of our extensive database of curated public studies to compare your results with those from other experiments!

How to proceed

To run such an integrated analysis, your experiment must be consistently prepared in the same way as all other experiments. This is therefore carried out by our curation team as a service. All you need is to send us your raw data (e.g. FASTQ files) and a text description of your experiment. Once your experiment is curated and integrated, we give you access to the GENEVESTIGATOR Private Data server, providing secure access to your experiment. You can choose how long your experiment must remain confidential.

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