Curated Data

Curated bulk tissue data

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Explore high-quality analysis-ready data from your research area

For more than 14 years, Immunai (NEBION) has curated thousands of high-quality public gene expression studies from a wide spectrum of different diseases including cancer, autoimmune, fibrosis, cardiovascular or metabolic conditions. The majority of studies are from human, but also data from model organisms such as the mouse and rat are available. Curated studies are available in different data formats and may be explored with GENEVESTIGATOR or your own analysis pipelines.

Our curation is characterized by the use of controlled vocabularies, peer-reviewing by domain experts, stringent quality control and robust platform-level normalization for global data integration. Curated studies are available for all stages of biopharmaceutical research and almost every therapeutic area, including rare diseases.

Get inspired by some key applications for curated gene expression data:

  1. Effective target and biomarker discovery through compendium-wide analysis
  2. Straightforward prioritization and validation of targets and biomarkers
  3. Innovative drug repurposing and repositioning
  4. Convenient identification of relevant experimental model systems
  5. Reliable prediction of side effects
  6. Effective training of machine learning algorithms through clean data
  7. Unbiased data-driven decision making

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