Tips & Tricks


For complex analyses with large data selections and long gene lists, it might come handy to increase the memory limit of your computer for GENEVESTIGATOR®. The default settings can be easily changed in three steps:

1. Find the .vmoptions configuration file by navigating in the GENEVESTIGATOR® installations folder. This can vary depending on the operating system and the user’s choices at installation time, but it typically is:

  • MS Windows: C:\Program Files\Genevestigator\
  • Apple macOS: /Applications/Genevestigator/
  • Linux: /opt/genevestigator/

  • 2. Copy this file to your desktop (you may be unable to edit this file in this folder)

    3. Edit the Genevestigator.vmoptions file with a simple text editor (e.g. Notepad or Emacs) and add the following line at the end of the code:


    with the desired amount of memory (in the example, 4 GBs).

    4. After changing and saving the file into the original folder, restart GENEVESTIGATOR® to have the higher limit enabled.

    Please make sure to choose an amount of memory appropriate for your machine. Bear in mind that setting this value too high can result in GENEVESTIGATOR® no longer being able to start, especially if other large applications are running at the same time.

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