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08 Sep 2004

GENEVESTIGATOR®: original publication


GENEVESTIGATOR®. Arabidopsis Microarray Database and Analysis Toolbox

Philip Zimmermann, Matthias Hirsch-Hoffmann, Lars Hennig, and Wilhelm Gruissem

Plant Physiology, September 2004, Vol. 136, pp. 2621–2632


High-throughput gene expression analysis has become a frequent and powerful research tool in biology. At present, however, few software applications have been developed for biologists to query large microarray gene expression databases using a Web- browser interface. We present GENEVESTIGATOR®, a database and Web-browser data mining interface for Affymetrix GeneChip data. Users can query the database to retrieve the expression patterns of individual genes throughout chosen environmental conditions, growth stages, or organs. Reversely, mining tools allow users to identify genes specifically expressed during selected stresses, growth stages, or in particular organs. Using GENEVESTIGATOR®, the gene expression profiles of more than 22,000 Arabidopsis genes can be obtained, including those of 10,600 currently uncharacterized genes. The objective of this software application is to direct gene functional discovery and design of new experiments by providing plant biologists with contextual information on the expression of genes. The database and analysis toolbox is available as a community resource at